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We strive to help people by providing extraordinary service and expert repairs using only the highest quality parts available.

Of course we love fixing cracked iPhone screens and broken charge ports, but we get our satisfaction from helping out folks who lost their connection to the outside world.

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We service all the newest and popular mobile phones including iPhones, iPads as well as Google and Samsung phones.

Looking For Mobile Device Repair Expert? Things to Look Out For

We all love our phones and would do everything possible to keep them with us for as long as possible. But what happens when your lovely device's screen breaks? What do you do when the charging system fails to work as expected? Well, as it turns out, modern technology is not infallible. And to keep your lovely iOS or Android device going, you need to work with a professional iPhone technician. With the phone market being full of scammers, finding a competent pro to handle the job can be a little tricky. But don't worry - here are some awesome tips and tricks to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Nowadays, it is very easy to find an iPhone repair expert online that looks and sounds good. However, you need to verify for how long the company has been operating. Whether you want screen repair, water damage repair or battery replacement, a company that has been repairing mobile devices for a couple of years should be in a position to provide you with a reliable repair service. Also, ensure the company is specifically proficient in repairing iPhone devices.

Time Frame

Getting your mobile device repaired by a professional should not take an unreasonably long time. After all, it can be quite frustrating to stay without it for a couple of days or weeks. So while looking for the best iPhone repair company, be sure to find out the time-frame within which they promise to repair your phone. This mostly depends on the extent of the damage suffered as well as the availability of parts. For instance, water damage may take longer to repair compared to a cracked screen or battery replacement.

Working Tools

There is no shortcut. A phone repair technician needs to have the best equipment in town to ensure each job is well done. These include screwdrivers, soldering gadgets, precision knife set, plastic triangle opener, and even the right software for the job. Of course, only competent pros are keen enough to invest in this kind of tools and equipment.

Secure Payment

One of the main challenges to using third-party iPhone repair companies is that you may not always enjoy the level of security guarantee you’re used to when making online transactions. But that does not give you the green-light to compromise. No matter how affordable a repair shop’s prices are, you should only make payments through SSL certified platforms. This adds an extra layer of security to you and also ensures your private data is not mishandled in any way.

Certified Technicians

As you might have known by now, iPhones are a special breed of phones. Just because your best friend can repair a Samsung phone does not mean he is automatically qualified to handle your iPhone. So, always look for certified technicians (whichever your phone brand is). Apple, for instance, have a strict technician training program known as “AppleCare”, only those who excel in this program (which is available online actually) qualify for certification. So, don’t accept anything less than an AppCare Certified Technician.


Another feature to look for in a mobile device repair expert is a warranty on repairs. Warranty serves as a guarantee that the company is confident in the quality of their repair services. Basically, it is meant to give you the peace of mind you need. In most cases, the duration of the warranty is usually 90 days, although this varies widely from company to company. However, the warranty should be based on the parts used and the employed workmanship. This means you can go back to the repair expert for free parts and service just in case you experience the same problem within the warranty period provided.


Finding a mobile device repair expert that provides cost-effective services is quite important. A reliable repair company should not charge you extra amount just to repair a small damage or even for just diagnosing the problem with your phone. If possible, look for a company that offers free diagnostics and guarantees you an affordable price for the repairs to make sure you are getting a fair deal. In addition, ensure there are also no hidden costs so you don’t get scammed in any way.


One of the best ways to find about the reputation of an iPhone repair expert is by browsing the internet. There is some bit of truth in what different people say about a certain company making it easy to identify one with a good reputation. So make sure to visit the company’s website and read testimonials from various previous clients to get a good feel for their experiences. You can also check on social networking sites for reviews or information about different companies that claim to be reputable mobile device repair experts. Basically, you should hire a repair expert that is greatly praised for providing credible services with utmost professionalism.

Quality of Spare Parts

Quality of the parts used as well as the workmanship is another important feature to consider. You want to get genuine parts that are of high quality and not some Chinese substitute parts in order to extend the longevity of your phone. For instance, if your iPhone needs a screen or battery replacement, a good repair expert should provide you with a genuine screen or battery from Apple because there are so many fake screens out there. Anything less than that will definitely get you back to searching for a repair expert within a short period of time which you would not like.


Given the fact that mobile devices contain a lot of confidential information, finding a repair company that is willing to come to you rather than going to their service center is important. A good repair expert should be flexible enough to come to your house, office or any other place of your convenience just to repair your phone. They should also be flexible enough to repair all kinds of problems including those related to a headphone jack, battery, charging port, buttons and Wifi/Bluetooth. In addition, look for a repair expert that is experienced in working with almost all popular mobile device brands.


Even if you have one of the highest quality mobile devices available on the market, it will still be vulnerable to problems. And when this happens, you don’t necessarily have to run to the nearest store to buy the latest model. Just have it repaired by a professional iPhone repair expert and you will have it running as good as new in no time.

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